April 20, 2015

Rants and Weekly Raves #34 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 4/20/2015 11:56:00 PM with 7 comments
kakashi: There's so much stuff to watch, it's stressing me out!!! And I'm not even watching a tenth of what other people are watching.
JoAnne: I'm not even watching what I'm watching. My love for dramas remains undiminished, however.
What about Rain's marriage? How do you feel about that? Oh wait ... what? It's only a rumor? Damn.

Falling for Innocence - Episode 4 (This is Not a Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 4/20/2015 01:46:00 PM with 4 comments
Mmmmmmmhh, Min-ho is one sexy MoFo when he gets all emotional over nothing. I want to take him home, cook him dinner and put him to bed. Yup, this drama now has me. Well, he has me. Jung Kyung-ho is one hell of a good actor.
He really is. I'm falling hard for Kang Min Ho. He looks 12 and his neck is ridiculously long and skinny but when he's thoughtful I just melt. And the rest of the time I'm generally laughing. Also the porn of those hands.

April 17, 2015

Unkind Women - Episode 16 (The SJR only version)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 4/17/2015 03:21:00 PM with 4 comments
Well, well, well. We're getting somewhere in this episode, are we not? And what about those rumors that this is getting an extension? I have also heard that Rim will dance naked in the streets if the drama reaches 30%. Apart from that, we have a problem, JoAnne. There is hardly any Rim in this episode. I think most of the important stuff happened off camera!
Your pictures always make a story very clear to me, though.
Rim sincerely doubts that anything important involving his face would ever happen 'off camera'

Unkind Women - Episode 15 (The SJR only version)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 4/17/2015 12:22:00 AM with 7 comments
I have absolutely no clue anymore what is happening in this drama. When people tweet about it, I go "huh? Is that what happens? Sounds wrong!"
Because my version is so compelling.  I also have no idea what's really happening, and yet I don't seem to care.
Looks like we aren't the only ones who aren't sure what's going on

Falling for Innocence - Episode 3 (This is Not a Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 4/17/2015 12:01:00 AM with 8 comments
Oookay, what happened? This just got very cute and funny. Well, not everything. I still find all those cliché things terrible, but Min-ho and his strangely beating heart? D'awwwwwwwww. Poor confused jerk. I also like his male secretary - when they get the side-kick right, they get it right.
Remember the fear we all felt? I think it's going away. I giggle my way through most of the episodes. Paksa commits to his role 100 percent, and everyone is doing what they need to do to keep up. What I love most is that all three of the main actors are skilled at both comedy and drama, and they can make crazy work.
Meanwhile, in the ruthless corporate jungle, a fearsome, cold-hearted killer ponders his next move
...and enjoys a tasty cherry lollipop

April 14, 2015

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #33

Posted by JoAnne on 4/14/2015 11:50:00 PM with 14 comments
JoAnne: It seems a few of us are distracted away from The Very Important World of Blogging by something we like to call 'Having a Life' - we are sorry, and we love you, and we hope that you are not too confused by our somewhat mystifying 'schedule' these days. Personally, I thank the stars for CapCaps, because they do not take NEARLY the time a squeecap does. And also because I find them a lot of fun to do, so there's that.
kakashi: For once, I have absolutely nothing pressing to do at work. Wow. It feels strange
Meanwhile, I'm living YOUR normal work life for a while. Ugh.

April 13, 2015

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 24 FINAL (A SqueeCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 4/13/2015 08:59:00 PM with 25 comments
We're at the end of a (too) long road and I am still laughing at how much RAGE this episode created. Way to go, MBC! Piss everybody off! Hey, but I can't even say that this episode was the worst of them all (I guess it helps if you don't root all that much for the OTP)! I can't even say I hated it. I do understand though that for everybody in denial and/or Hyuk-fever it took this episode to make clear what was clearly visible before: this drama derailed somewhere in the middle and never got back on track. And yet, I will fondly remember. How could I not. Seriously ... Jang Hyuk is glorious.
He was magnificent. I don't have rage over the ending. I have quibbles. I have snark. I don't have rage. I described it as An After School Special Edition of SoGC. 
S@ki6: It's over, it's over, I take it now it's over! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOlBheJB3ww

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