December 18, 2014

December 17, 2014

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 17 (A GettingThereCap)

Posted by mary on 12/17/2014 10:02:00 PM with No comments
Mary: Robbing robbers! Sexual frustrations while hanging laundry! Grown men bonding over dolls! Trolling Chang-man with rain! What's not to like? Get all your laughs now before in case the dark times come soon. Hehehe
JoAnne: Hey there... don't think I've been in this room before. Don't worry, I'm not staying.
kakashi: Hey! In here, red is MY color. And mary, what are you saying??! Dark times?! Nooooooooo!
becca: Look look! I'm bluuuuueee again!!!!
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December 16, 2014

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 13)

Posted by mary on 12/16/2014 08:03:00 PM with 3 comments
Mary: It's the after-wedding episode where "nothing" much happens. If you count So-eun initiated sweet skinship "nothing", that is. Our couple just hangs out and kicks butt in the closeness department. It makes Rim very happy. Though he still complains at the lack of closeness of their lips because he's a cheesy perv like that. (Hey, be glad you were paired with So-eun and not a highly-chaste 100% concentrated virgin idol!)
JoAnne: If I had a nickel for every 'nothing' that happens this ep I'd...have a bunch of nickels.
kakashi: The same amoung of nothing happens as usual, I'd say. They might have to think of something to up the ante soon. We're all getting too comfy with this.  

Bad Guys - Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 12/16/2014 02:30:00 PM with 1 comment
Episode 9 brought us so much heartache ... and Episode 10 just adds ten truckloads to it. This is the penultimate episode and everything starts to unravel. In the worst kind of way. Bromance? We had bromance? Let's see what that is worth in the face of ultimate grief. Just look at them :(
I swear to God, I hear Barbra Streisand right now singing The Way We Were. Am I just going to cry through this whole thing? *smiles we gave to one another for the way we weeeeeeere....*
Why you play with my emotions? Why???

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 13 (A WookiCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 12/16/2014 09:13:00 AM with 3 comments
*Cough, cough*. I ... this ... Let's just say there's a wonderful scene at the very end of this episode. And Joo Sang-wook looked so damn GOOD all the time my mouth waters. Anyway, skip to the end if you have a hard time wading through the WTF.
S@ki6: It even made me want to give up occasionally, but I powered through to the cute. 
JoAnne: I don't even pretend to watch it anymore. I saw what, 2 episodes at the beginning and then 2 back there a while ago. It's more fun this way, trust me.
Lafer: It is ten days before Christmas. My mind and calendar are a bit full of expected holiday cheer. That is why only snark comes out on here!
becca: I enjoyed this episode slightly more than usual because it had more Awesome Assistant, and he was sarcastic, which made me super happy.

December 15, 2014

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 12 (A WookiCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 12/15/2014 08:51:00 AM with 6 comments
This episode artfully manages to have two people who would obviously have wild sex all the time in real life do everything else there is to do in the world. Lots of it is product placement.   
S@ki6: I wish they'd be clearer what the products were, like show a model number for the camera. Hard to know what to buy. 
JoAnne: I like that green thing from the last episode.
Toaster. I'm sure of it.
Lafer: There's a whole kitchen full of green things!
becca: They should PPL some scissors. I'd buy them and cut Sara's hair. Everybody wins!

December 14, 2014

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 11 (A WookiCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on 12/14/2014 12:34:00 AM with 9 comments
My own dear SqueeCappers are abandoning me with this one! Yes, it's really, really bad. It has entered WTF-territory from episode 1, but now, it's so deep into that territory it will never find out. I'll just stare at Joo Sang-wook then. Also, I've recruited a fan to comment! So that he (and the show) get some more love. Say hi to S@ki6.
JoAnne: What do you mean, I'm here. I said I was here. Ok, I said it would be last night but I fell asleep. I hate it when that happens and it happens a lot.
Awwww, JoAnne! You're here! I know you don't watch this show tough, haha.
Lafer:  I would never abandon you! Abandon a drama perhaps, but never you!
becca: Yes, what Lafer said!
Awwww, you're here too! 
S@ki6: Hey Everyone! I'm a Han YeSeul fan and Joo SangWook fan, and a serious Seul-Wook shipper in both real life AND this show (YG's Teddy?  Who is that? So what if he clears $800K in a year?). Also, don't be fooled by the bunny-eared boy-bander (Jaehyo) in my profile pic: I'm a "she". 
Hi, Sa@ki6! *waving with both hands* Welcome to the crazy-party!

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